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Margaret Peggy Shippen (July 11, – August 24, ) was the second wife of General Arnold died in , after which she had to settle his business affairs and pay off his debts. She died in , having borne five children who. Image: Peggy Shippen Arnold and her daughter . On June 14, , Benedict Arnold died at the age of 60, being infamously remembered as a traitor and a. Not long before her death in , Margaret Shippen Arnold (better known as “ Peggy”) lamented to her son that “misfortunes and other.

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Find out about Peggy Shippen Arnold, the wife of traitor Benedict Arnold, Two younger brothers died during childhood, leaving Peggy as the. PEGGY SHIPPEN ARNOLD, AMERICA'S FIRST MATA HARI Peggy Shippen himself and quickly informed Peggy of what was happening. Peggy Shippen (wife of Benedict Arnold) with one of her children Born: July 11, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Died: August 24, in.

Benedict Arnold saw in Peggy Shippen the same desire for the good things of this . A boy and a girl, born in and , died in infancy, but saw the . Margaret “Peggy” Shippen was born to Edward Shippen IV and Margaret Francis in On April 8, , Peggy married Arnold, at age nineteen. or New Brunswick in Canada, to no avail—he only left her a collection of debts when he died. Genealogy for Margaret Arnold (Shippen) ( - ) family tree on Geni, Peggy Shippen in Biographical Summaries of Notable People of General Benedict Arnold (following Margaret Mansfield, who died in ).

If so, you know Peggy Shippen Arnold. You will meet this other Peggy briefly in my novel, HAMILTON AND PEGGY! A REVOLUTIONARY. Peggy Shippen, the beautiful, vivacious, and charismatic wife of infamous American Revolutionary War traitor Benedict Arnold, was long thought to have been. One of Peggy Shippen's hand written letters, imposed over a secret letter by her husband, Arnold hurriedly told Peggy what had happened, and hoping that.

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Peggy Shippen met Benedict Arnold in the summer of when the crippled officer was stationed in Philadelphia as a military governor. Arnold was a former. have not seriously considered Peggy Shippen Arnold's identity as a woman of the .. not be forestalled, and Peggy died in at the age of forty-four. Peggy. Q: Peggy Shippen is a real figure in history, but she isn't nearly as well-known as her husband, Benedict Arnold. What are some of the most interesting things. Margaret (Peggy) Shippen was nearly nineteen when she married Benedict. for John André. She apparently kept a lock of his hair until the day she died. Peggy Shippen was a notorious spy who along with her husband children: Edward Shippen Arnold, George Arnold, James Robertson . When and how did Peggy turn into a spy is unknown but it happened sometime after. Instead, the general's wife, Peggy Shippen Arnold, carried the key to her .. rearing his three young sons; Arnold's wife had died while he was attacking Canada. Name variations: Margaret Shippen Arnold; Peggy Shippen Arnold; Mrs. Benedict Born Margaret Shippen in in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; died on. Peggy Shippen Arnold and child, by Sir Thomas Lawrence . When Arnold died in , Peggy spent the last three years of her life paying off. And yet, just one month after marrying year-old Peggy Shippen, Arnold reached out to the British and began to plot treason. What drove the celebrated. But few know of the traitor's wife, Peggy Shippen Arnold, and the role she was a recent widow, her husband having died while serving in the.