What did you have for dinner today

What's the worst thing you've ever seen at a wedding? My husband . Originally Answered: What did you eat today for dinner? I ate aglio et. My boyfriend used to think it's weird (so did everyone else), but I think they've grown accostomed to it. I'm a total foodie and I love hearing about what people eat. I cooked breakfast and I'm thinking about the fact that I often eat breakfast at night so should I start having dinners in the morning? I bet it would knock me out.

what did you have for dinner meaning

Hello everyone.. I'm kind of confused about these two form (past simple/present perfect) Assuming that I'm asking my friend whether he has. What did you had for dinner, is it a correct sentence. It's wrong. Say What did you have for dinner? or What have you had for dinner?. Well, this may become yet another time waster, but who cares There are days where we can't decide what to eat for dinner / lunch. Now ML users are from all.

have you had dinner today? yes, that is correct |It is not really any different, they just have a slightly different to. I had a small can of ravioli and a handfull of fried potatoes. And a can of Vanilla Pepsi. . I got an extra one for lunch at work today too. Both of them are correct. But yes, they do mean different. I feel that 'have a dinner' refers to event and 'have dinner' refers to actual supper.

Although your intuition is that the verbs should match (i.e. you should use was twice), in this case I [PAST: HAVE] dinner with Chinese friends. Inspired by this, there are days where we can't decide what to eat for dinner / lunch. Now NethServer users are from all over the world, so why. Unfortunately, I was lazy and made my fiance make dinner, so hamburger helper it was! Actually, it wasn't that bad. It filled me up either way:\.

Since it seems that many of us enjoy discussing food, what did you have for dinner .. Lunch is heavier, and today I made broiled chicken breasts, ratatouille, . 'Supper' and 'dinner' are typically conflated, but have historically between dinner and supper much the way we might today for lunch and. Here are some conversations to illustrate the difference: 1. A: I went to the Ritz Hotel last night. B: Really, did you have dinner there? A: No, I. What did you eat c Reverso Context: What did you eat, pastrami?. I understand you're suffering considerable abdominal pain. What did eat for dinner and what time was it?Tengo entendido que está sufriendo dolor abdominal. This will help you avoid relying on vending machines and convenience stores when you are feeling hungry. ○ Snack Consciously - Mindless. At what times do you usually eat your meals? Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Can you cook well? Did you drink coffee this morning? Did you eat lunch today?. What's for dinner is the most asked question in my house! Luckily these 80 Easy Dinners You Can Make Tonight answers the age old question. If you're anything like me, your Pinterest board is likely filled with delicious- looking recipes that you'll never make. Because let's be real: When it. Here's a peak at what we served up for our take home dinners today! 1. Our take home dinners are perfect for busy families looking for hearty and nutritious.