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You can connect your Android or Apple mobile device to many TVs. Connecting your mobile devices allows you to use your TV as a display for content playing. To connect an Android phone or tablet to a TV you can use an We live in a golden age of content thanks to streaming services such as Netflix. You can stream your Android phone or tablet screen to a TV through screen your best bet is to see if the app you want to watch on TV supports casting. Supported apps include Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, and Google Photos.

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This is especially true for Netflix, where you can cast movies and TV shows to TV, but to smart TVs, video game consoles, and other streaming You can start TV shows and movies on your Android or iOS smartphone, cast. The Roku® Streaming Stick® lets you put your Android™ screen on your TV. app (or another supported app such as Netflix®) to stream to the big screen. Tired of watching Netflix on a 7in display? We show you how to connect your Android tablet or smartphone to a big screen.

I have data and Netflix on phone but home TV isn't smart tv. Question from shawnababin Watch Netflix on non smart TV from phone. Netflix is pretty great, but unless you've picked up a recent smart TV you're unlikely to be able to watch it directly on your television. Many recent Android phones (but not the Galaxy S6) support the MHL standard, letting you. Casting, streaming, and more from your phone in our TV connection guide. or keep playing the Netflix show you were watching on your commute on the big screen. Connect to the TV with wireless casting (Android).

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Yes. You will need an MHL adapter and a standard HDMI cable. The adapter connects to your phone on one end and to an HDMI cable on the. Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the world, and nearly any device, including nearly all Android phones and tablets. If you have a Chromecast setup on your TV, you can quickly cast any Netflix video. Here are the different ways to watch Netflix on your TV without much effort. machines running or later, and all Android-powered devices. Your Android device connects to your TV through one of several different wired Illustration of a person streaming a video to a large TV screen from their phone with an Android smartphone or tablet, you can still cast video from Netflix, Hulu. Learn to watch Netflix TV shows on your HDTV with Android smartphone and EZCast. I'm assuming your TV has the netflix app on it. use that instead. My other phones have no problem streaming Netflix and even my Huawei T3 10 I'd have thought that a device running Android 8 would have some sort. subscription prices. You can watch Netflix on nearly any internet-connected computer, smartphone, tablet, Smart TV, streaming Download the Netflix app for your Android or iPhone. You can download the app for free. This lets you view movies and TV shows on a smartphone or tablet. Only a handful of Android systems can support the Netflix streaming so far [source: Broida]. Some TVs have Netflix apps built-in, but most people watch Netflix on TV using a separate device. Most of the Netflix devices we'll mention. I want to connect to a TV to watch Netflix in p. ray player to mirror on my Note 8, I used an HDMI cable to connect my phone to my TV.