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Get surfing tips and read surfboard reviews from surfers like you. wax your surfboard you will need a few supplies, mainly: basecoat wax, topcoat wax and a wax comb. You then want to use a cleaning product to remove any excess wax. Use the wax comb each time you surf if you haven't applied a new topcoat. Sometimes, your wax will get flat and lose some of its traction. The main purpose of surf wax is to bring back memories. . I don't use base coat wax mainly because I am lazy and because base coat wax is never around But God knows why they all have wax comb on the other side.

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Finding the right surf wax is hard, but it doesn't have to be. We all know those guys who use whichever wax is laying around (even What is a wax comb?. Transcript Wax combs are great when you don't have wax, or even when you do have wax. Basically, a wax comb, you can see it's like comb. There aren't really any instructions on the bars of surf wax, so beginners are If your bumps are getting pretty smooth, a wax comb can be the right solution.

Get a surfboard wax remover, a base coat wax, a top coat wax, a surf comb and Apply the base coat wax over the surfboard - using any wax job technique. A step-by-step tutorial on how to get the perfect wax job. Surfline Guide to Surfboards . To continue using our services, whitelist Surfline in your ad blocker . A wax comb is a tool used in the maintenance and removal of surfboard wax on a surfboard. References[edit]. ^ Curtin, Ryan. How To Use A Surfboard Wax Comb. ^ Surf Wax . ^ Surfing Wales: Wax.

To clean your surfboard, first scrape off all of the old wax using your wax comb. Make sure you get all of the wax off of the rails (sides of your surfboard) by using . Yes, a soft top surfboard needs wax too! Apply soft (bodyboard) surf wax 3. 2: Use a wax comb to scrape off the top coat of the wax. sharkbait instructions for waxing a surfboard. Once it softens, scrape it off gently with a wax comb like sharkbaitsurfwax flex wax comb made for just that task. Surfers use surf wax on the deck, the top part of the board where your feet go, to create old surfboard wax being removed from a surfboard with a wax comb. What Brand of Surfboard Wax Should I Use? worth thinking whether a quick rub with a wax comb will be preferential to adding yet more wax. To remove old wax, first scrape off the wax with the straight edge of the wax comb . Make sure to get any wax off of the rails by using the curved. Sticky Bumps Surfboard Wax Box and Comb Kit: Surfing Training just to have to buy and use less wax, better for the environment anyway. I normally use regular surf wax or bodyboard specific wax because they both do My brother actually once asked me “how to use a wax comb”, so I thought I'd. Another way is to use a solvent (that's safe for surfboards) and the special wax comb. Generally, the solvent makes the wax dissolve and you could easily scrape. Check Out This Ingenious Wax Comb That Recycles Old Wax Into a Well, the latest ingenious surf accessory takes the idea of using surf wax.